Hi all,

After a few months of reading the forums and about to go on my first ride out to Wales for the weekend (pillion to JC) I thought I was now qualified to sign up :slight_smile:


I dont normally welcome Newbies as it goes against everything I stand for… But RC, I will make an exception just for you… Welcome to LB Rach…:smiley:

Hello! Should’ve joined in the fun sooner :smiley:
Enjoy your trip to Wales! I’m going to Snowdonia myself in a couple of weeks, unfortunately in a car as my 125 wouldn’t survive the trip :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard, Mrs JC :cool:Do you have a bike/licence of your own, and if not, any plans to?

Curious to know what are all these things you stand for :blink: (apart from the obvious, “not welcoming newbies”)

At last. Welcome to the madhouse x

JC. There’s nowhere to hide now mate, welcome to my world! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Si - Im honoured :slight_smile:

I dont have a licence or bike, Im generally quite happy on the back letting someone else do the navigating:D

Al there was nowhere to hide anyway as was reading from a distance:P

hehe, this can only bring you closer together.

Does wonders for Shauna & I – although I much prefer it when she’s on her own bike!
(cough…pillion footpegs need to come off…cough…) :hehe:

Welcome RC Hope to see you soon

Hello and welcome to LB , stops your lurking at least !

Now get back in the kitchen and make me a samwich !!

I think you need a slap for that comment :w00t:

And hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

lol dont worry he’ll get a slap when he gets home :smiley:

And you Missy can bake me some muffins !!

Welcome to LB mrs JC, and theirs me thinking JC’s gay:D

lol nope definitely not gay :slight_smile:

And you still couldnt pull short arse !:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to LB:)

Hmmmm… and who was on LB first? Therefore, you are cramping my style darling :wink:

Welcome to LB Rach :kiss:

Hi i am a newbie too just signed up today :slight_smile:

Ello and welcome :smiley: