glad to have met you guys at the blackheath café.
I ride a black er-6 kawasaki and hope to see you all on the road soon!!
thanks for the welcoming riating rob ! :wink:


Welcome to the forum. I am Moto-King if you ever need any help or guidance then give me a shout. Once again Welcome. I am glad my fellow forum members made you feel welcome. :slight_smile:

Moto-King :smiley:

Welcome to LB.

We are the friendliest motorcycling site on the whole of the interweb.

Just ignore Moto King as he`s mad.:smiley:

Oi I ain’t mad

They told me I am clinically insane down at rampton I got the papers to prove it :hehe:

I don’t think you need the papers Moto. The proof is in the pudding :P:D

Ello and Welcome :smiley:

I have eaten the pudding and I didnt feel the madness. But you are nutz anyway. Hello Noob :cool:

Good to see you’ve joined Natalie;) you’ll have lots of fun on here:)

Welcome Natalie :slight_smile: It was nice meeting you yesterday :slight_smile: I was the girl in the pink hoodie with the blue bike :slight_smile:

Welcome M8 Hope To See You Next Time

Welcome to LB:)