Hi my names Dave im 29 and a little unhinged:hehe:
I dont live in london or any where you would call near but i rodedown to the ace begining of the month and then on into the city. So as i have ridden in london and i ride i figure this forum
Im a l plater yeah the shame at my age. Did the cbt in july and have coverd four and half thousand miles already on me lil yam:cool:

Been on a couple of ride out too
This was the best

The smell of oil in the air:D

Im heading back down on the 6th to attend the Ace 2 stroke day the 7th. about 9 hrs with smoke breaks cause im a A&B road No Motorways

Some photos of me last trip

Id like to cross the river on me next trip and have a scout about at the old london
Then head back home for a night then upto Knock in Moray to do the highlands on my week off

Well thats me:)
Ripon North Yorkshire

hi welcome, your the guy who rode down from north, I copyed your pics, the yam site, and put em on the pic section. that was some going WOW. get your test in and injoy the world:D ps Welcome to LB:D

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

hi welcome to LT :cool:

Hello and welcome to the fold…

I thought i was dedicated at getting to london for rideouts but i dont travel that far :w00t: Fair play

Yep thats me chopper
Not long now an ill be heading down again
Heading to brighton this time too :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome’s peeps:)


Hi & Welcome To LB Mate:cool: