Found the site while looking for info on a new helmet.

I currently have a Vespo LX 50cc 2t, been riding for a year on my car license. I’m in the middle of my DAS (learning with Camrider in Hendon who have been excellent so far).

My first go on a geared 125 (Suzuki VanVan) was on Sat 25th July, Friday just gone was my first ride lesson on a 500 (Suzuki SV500), and I have my module 1 test in two days at stupid o’clock.

Assuming that and the module 2 go ok, I’ll be looking to get a Bonneville of some sort, or something similar.


I probably won’t post a picture of my scooter

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Hi and welcome aboard.

Why not.

It’s a slightly camp blue colour (my wife chose it)

Welcome to LB, good choice on the Bonnie .

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

C’mon - lets have a look atcha scoot :smiley:

A dude on here has a metallic pink street triple, so a ‘slightly camp blue’ ain’t gonna raise many eyebrows :smiley:

Haha, I passed with Camrider. Lovely bunch of guys.

Is Rich & Wes still there?

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Wes escorted me over to Enfield for my successful Module 1 last Thursday, nice bloke. My Module 2 is booked in for the 24th unless one comes up earlier.

welcome to the madness :smiley:

Hello mate and welcome. I ride a 2006 T100 Bonnie, only had it a couple of months it a lovely bike to ride. If you do decide to go for one and want any info drop me a pm. There’s lot’s of decent low mileage ones out there and I’ve not really heard anything bad about them

There seem to be a few around but it looks like they really hold their value. I’m wondering if for a few dollars more I might be better off brand new with full warranty & no unknown history?

You’ll get a good deal on new Bonnieville at the moment. There’s some really good deals on new Scramblers and Thruxton’s too if you shop around. You need to factor in any extras that you might want such as louder pipes, centre stand, grab rail, screen etc as that will set you back a few hundred quid, a lot of the second hand bikes seem to already have these added. Most people, (myself included!) are older riders who buy Bonnies not as commuter bikes but to ride at weekends so they seem to have had easy lives. But saying that, before I brought mine I asked a Triumph mechanic what to look for and he said that basically the engines are sound and he services one that a guy has done nearly 100k on and uses everyday! The mechanic recommended checking consumables – chain & sprocket, brake pads etc before buying a low mileage second hand bike – google the Triumph RAT forum there’s loads of info on all Triumphs there


I just had a chat with one of the sales guys at Metropolis, very handy.

We had a bit of a mexican standoff at the end, him sizing me up for when I might buy, me softening him up on price.

The Bonney rider with no name!

My first bike had it 3 weeks 2007 bonnie only passed my test last month awesome bike so far

Looks like we got ourselfs a convoy !

A bit of a meet up is in order when you get the bike.

My Two stroke Vespa

Passed my module 2 on Monday, 5 minors, the examiner scared the bejesus out of me by reciting the test route in the debrief. I started beautifully by wobbling onto the roundabout after running over a piece of metal, then my first pull away from the side of the road, a nice dumped clutch stall and a faff.

One minor for not moving over into the right hand lane (to turn right) after indicating (there was a car behind me that I couldn’t figure out if they’d go past me or slow down).

Later, just as the examiner said next left, two lads on one BMX came round a parked van, straight at me on the wrong side of the road, made me almost miss the turn.

The last one was debatable, he said straight ahead, I got to the end of the road and couldn’t see a clear straight ahead, he meant the slight right turn.

Anyway, passed, test roade a bonnie on Tueday morning, checked insurance and quotes and managed to get an extra 135 quid off that afternoon.

On Tues 4th I get a new bike.

Welcome to LB:)

Hello There and Welcome to LB