Just introducing myself, so, hello!

Just passed my CBT and got myself a lovely little Honda CG125 (called James) to get me around. Now I’m starting to get a bit more confident am really starting to enjoy it. Oh the freedom, it’s just great! I’ve brought it because I’ve moved further from the station, to help me with my commute but I’m keen to make the most of it now I’ve got the gear and the bike, I’m all ready to go.

If my profile pic comes up with this you may be slightly concerned… :hehe:
That’s a caricature my friend drew of me learning to ride a bicycle a few years ago (at 23!), I’ve come a long way in the last few years!


oops - it’s the avatar that comes up isn’t it? :blush:

if you click on my profile that’s got the pic

Welcome to LB:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi and welcome

hi welcome

Hello there and welcome!

welcome to lb enjoy the ride

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

I did my CBT back in January and am also on a Honda - CBF125.

Hope you enjoy riding James :wink:

cheers - having a full on saga with mine at the moment - it’s back at the dealers having the electrics fixed after they blew last week. Apparaently it’s the loom so a big job, but at least I’ll have nice shiny new electrics…

So glad I brought from a dealer and got a 3 month warranty.

What do you expect from a honda! (awaits retaliation!) :hehe:

I think there’s a thread somewhere where people name their bikes. Westie can introduce you to his - she’s called ‘Penelope’, and shes Pink. (you’ll get this joke soon)

Welcome to LB :smiley:

haha!!! same as me!!! :smiley: I couldnt ride a bicycle to save my life!!! Always thought i didnt have the balance…but friend knew i loved motorbikes and was like RIGHT! your gonna learn to ride this bicycle whether you like it or NOT! :ermm: 2 years on im riding a motorbike! :smiley:

Nice to know i wasnt the only one :stuck_out_tongue: i know how you feel!!! :smiley:

Welcome to LB Lucy!!! :cool: :smiley: :cool: