Ageing hippy, geek from just north of London here. Burgman 400 and 2003 ZX6. Also run bikeweb.com, a mailing list for MC-Engine design, and another for Feet Forwards motorcycles. And a Skype chat for motorcyclists. Links at http://www.voidstar.com Been riding since 1974.

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Hi there and welcome, nice choice of ride…the ZX6 that is not the Bleurghman!! :hehe::hehe:

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I hope you enjoy your stay and here have a drink on me;) what’s your tipple?

Heh! Don’t dis de Burger! It’s the ultimate urban assault vehicle. Warm, dry, cosy, cheap to buy, cheap to run, auto so relaxing to ride, nobody wants to nick it. And it will still hold 90mph all day on the motorway.

hi and welcome

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hello and welcome:D

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Do you find your rear shock on the ninja to be extreme? We’re tryng to remedy my mates B1H and the more we look into it the more it seems that they are meant to have the dampening characteristics of a brick.

Please shed some light on this if poss as no one else has replied to my post on this so far. According to mcnninjas its all about 13 stone riders and lighter springs . . .

Yup. I’m about 11 stone. And the suspension is way too hard for Essex, Herts back roads. I’ve got mine set to the PB settings with the compression wound fully off on both ends. Its the one thing that is annoying me about the bike because the rest of it is a scream. I guess the real solution is to get Maxton, KTech or similar to sort the suspension once and for all but rear shocks aren’t cheap. It’s leading me to think seriously about a GSXR750! On a trip to France the suspension was fine because the roads we were on were much better than the potholed, broken up, wavy backroads we have in the UK.

If you can find one, the B1-B2 is now cheap speed. It was the first 600 (ish) to have everything fully sorted and is still competitive with the current crop. It’s really only got two problems. The suspension and the way the seat tips you forward the whole time so you crack your nuts on the back of the tank. :frowning:

The two main mods I’ve done is to fit an ohlins steering damper and some LSL raised clipons. The steering damper keeps the worst of the flapping under control when WFO in 2nd and 3rd and the clipons are maybe an inch higher which just takes the edge off the back pain.

Might be worth your while taking it to Brian in Twickenham. He has worked on my bike and taken it from a board to something that resembles suspension. BN Race Science I can PM his mobile if your interested.

Well I solved the problem of the harsh suspension on the ZX6R. I traded the bike in for a GSXR750. :slight_smile:

Welcome Bond!

hi and welcome :slight_smile: