I posted a Hello on the general site then saw this one oops. Just to say hello to everyone. As you can tell by my name I ride an R6, I live in Bromley and love doing track days - in fact I just did one at Brands on Friday.

That’s better, welcome to LB… :wink:

welcome to the house of fun :smiley:

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome aboard, you’ll have to look out for Keti on her ZX6R around Bromley way, her and Paul are usually tearing it up around your neck of the woods! :smiley:

Hi there and welcome…:smiley:

Hello again

Hiya! :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:)

Hey how’s it going.

Used to have an R6…Great bikes.


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I think anyone who signs up on any site as a *babe * should be forced to put a pic of themselves up so we can see if they’re worthy of this moniker.

Welcome to LB :cool:

Welcome to LB! A trackday at Brands in this weather? Bloody hell, well done :slight_smile:

welcome to lb chick

Hi R6babe from Bromley.

Don’t I know you from somewhere? Oh it could be from chasing your a*se around the Kent countryside on any Sunday.

Yeah and where’s that pic - so I can recall what you look like.

Welcome to LB and about time babe.

hello and welcome