Hello all,

I only signed up last week so LB is all a bit new & wonderful but I thought I’d post a quick hello. I’m still finding my way…

Already used one tip and booked a Mo-Clean wash over the wkend – seriously impressive – looks like it did when I bought it, so thank you. Made my attempts at cleaning all the dirt off look distinctly second rate, despite my best efforts!

Looking forward to more tips in the future and hope to attend a newbies meet & a ride out to say hello properly.


Hi and welcome!! :D:D

Hiya! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.


hello and welcome

Hallo - I too plan to go to a newbie night - planned it about 6 months ago not got there yet! Still one day! lol Enjoy.:smiley:

Good to have you on board Smudge old chap.

Welcome Smudge :smiley:

hello and welcome!:smiley:

welcome to lb :slight_smile: