Just saying hi. I’m a true noob, just passed my CBT and don’t have a clue what to buy (was going to get a manual).

Any ideas?

One of these.



Are you looking for a manual scoot or a geared bike?


Probably geared bike, using as a stepping stone to a full license.

Only having a CBT, more like one of those…

Kidding!.. Id say get yourself the Yammy R125, find second hand ones

for around £2500… cheap insurance, great handling… learner friendly

bikes. :D:D:D

I’d take the toy any day. Thanks for the advice!

No worries… depends if you wanna take the DAS test or the 2 years restricted one?. If DAS then just find yoruself any old ole geared cheap thing to practice on, if 2 year restriction… then Yamaha R125 brand new, as Yamaha dealers are doing fantastic deals with that bike… plus your be part of the Yamaha family!! :wink:

Welcome to LB.

Before you buy anything, just ask yourself how sensible you are (in other words would you trust yourself with a powerful machine - they only go as fast as you make them).

Once you’ve answered that, then you’ll just have to worry about finding one that’s comfy :smiley:

Yes, ladies and Gents - another sensible thread by me!

All depends on how confidant you are mate and how silly, I started on a ZXR400 and had that for 6 months which I found a good bike to “learn” on and a couple of times had some near misses which I’m sure could of turned out differntly if I had a bigger bike :smiley:

hello and welcome,
cbr600f wicked first bike