Hi all,

Came across the site when looking for a toy run, will be there on Sunday hopefully meet some you of then.

Been riding since 1975, initially on a Suz then Yam 50 (I think you called ‘em fizzies here), a GT750 two stroke Suz, then decided to try and be sensible about the size and go smaller to a GS400. That’s when I found the biking bug had bit hard and there was no getting rid of it. Got rid of the 400 within 3 months and got a GS1000G.A few years later I wanted something sportier but with a shaft drive so bought a Yam 650 turbo which I kept for 21 years.

When I arrived in the UK March last year I saw so many bikes on the road and couldn’t help thinking how insane people are here riding in cold weather. Well this April I took the plunge and bought a ‘97 Thundercat, so I am now officially insane too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Croydon and try and avoid central London as much as possible!!:hehe:


:cool: Welcome to LB

welcome and hello!!

welcome mate

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome mate


I remember FS1E (fizzies) all my mates had 'em or they had Honda SS50’s. But I can’t remember the Suzi equivalent. Can you describe?

Well done on having the kettle and still being here to tell the tale!! :cool:

Yours, an early starter like you. :slight_smile:

Suzuki did the AP50 & GT50 plus TS50’s in the early 70’s jeez Im old lol, but most peeps went for the fizzy or ss50 round my way with a few fantics or garellis n gilleras.

The GT50 and TS50 didn’t come along until about 1979

Before that it was mainly FS1E’s AP50’s and SS50’s

I have always like to be different and had a Fantic:DHi and welcome btw:)


Welcome to LB

Welcome aboard!

Hi and welcome to LB!

well I missed out the suzy A50 in 71 and the Fr50 which were both before the GT in 77 and was yours the fantic chopper or the normal one ?

I had a Caballero. We had a Fantic dealer in Cheshunt right by my school and I’d been licking his window for years on the way to and from school…lol;)

And you still cant get window licking outta your system can ya lmfao :D:P

Welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your kind welcome.

Looks like the model names may have differed in the UK. I had an AS50, which was an ‘upgrade’ on the A50. These both preceeded an AC50, which possibly was the AP here.

The AC and FS1 were very popular in South Africa, because of the very hilly terrain the SS didn’t do so well, which was very noisy and also extremely slow up hills!!
I didn’t migrate to the FS1, although that was the object of my desires. I had to buy and run the bikes with my pocket money and what I got from holiday work at Christmas. Instead I got an RD50, although the trail version, MR was more popular. It was a scaled down version of it’s bigger brother (or should that be sister) boasted a reed valve intake which made it faster than most. It could still be overtaken by a VW beetle though!! :wink:

Glad to know the ‘water bus’ or kettle as you know it was here, nice bike, pity about the handling though!!
I don’t think the Yamaha turbo made it here either.


sorry mate we nicked ya newbie thread, personaly I blame chunks but as he is old we forgive him :slight_smile:

We had the Yamaha 650 Turbo the same as S.A.

It was the era of the Turbo early 1980’s. We also had Honda’s CX500 Turbo, Kawasaki’s GPz750 Turbo and Suzuki’s XN-85;)

They all proved one point…there’s no substitute for CC’s:cool:


Welcome to LB… :cool: