Just joined up. Glad to be a part of LB. Current bike Hornet CB600F-6 and luv it. Keep an eye out for the “Blue Blade” in the Surrey/Kent area.

Safe trails y’all.


welcome to LB


Welcome to LB from another Hornet rider:D

Welcome to the party :wink:

Hey Panchdara, welcome to LB :slight_smile: See you at the meets?

Hello! :slight_smile: Looking at your location, I used to work at the coach firm there! Nice part of town! :cool:

Welcome to LB :cool:

welcome to LB! get ya name down for the christmas party!:smiley:

Welcome to LB Hugh & safe riding!

Hello and Welcome :smiley:

hey ya, and welcome:)

Cool! What a warm welcome! Hopefully I’ll have constructive input and hopes to meet many in the upcoming rides (although I’d probably be the one at the back o’ de pack).

… And seems Boxhill is the closest to me, so hopefully in near future.

Welcome fella, lovely bikes the Hornets :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!

Hello Hugh we met at the fireworks party in Redhill.


Welcome Hugh:cool:

Hahaha the hornets are taking over lol, Welcome luvvie…from another hornet owner:D