hi gang!!!


Hello, good evening and welcome (in a david frost voice).

Welcome to the madhouse :smiley:

hi and welcome

Hi and welcome aboard, any info on yourdelf or are you a secret agent.:wink:

Welcome fella nice looking bike you have there :slight_smile:

Oooh a Flatout replica:)

Good to have you aboard


Hi crow, welcome to LB!

hi there and welcome to LB

Hi Mike…

Hi and welcome, is that another 7 I spy or is it a thou?

welcome :slight_smile:

well “thank you” x

It’s a thou and thank you!!

in fact thank you all!!! “secret agent?” but doen’t tell anyone plz!!

I’m guessing you don’t do much undercover work in those leathers?!? :wink:

Elad , I think you might have some competition mate!! :w00t:

Nice bike! I needed sunglasses when I first saw your leathers;) only teasing!

Welcome to the site.

Yeah! they are a bit loud! :cool:



Ello mate and welcome bet westy gonna stalk ya in them leathers :D:)

Welcome aboard :slight_smile: