Hello. I m new.

Just in the process of doing my bike lessoo. Got theory and cbt out the way and got me das book up for the middle of october.

In the process of looking for a suitable first bike at the mo. Would like a bandit or 600f. Also hoping to have a look at a bargain baby blade.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB! If you looking for cheap bike go for Bandit, you won’t be disappointed.

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

alright geezer :slight_smile:

Lo Tony,

To beat WillS you need to get 1 minor :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck with the test fella


hello and welcome,

Hiya, Welcome to LB.

Hope to meet you soon.

Welcome to Londonbikers LittleT… Hopefully see you at the Borough Market meet one Wednesday…