Hi All…hope to make it to borough market this wed and catch up with u guys…


Welcome to LB

How goes it Fella…

Welcome aboard and enjoy.

Hey Chap!

Welcome to LB! Love the bike!

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello, hope u enjoy ur stay at LB

welcome to LB

c u at borough Mkt

did you take that picture yourself, or do you have some small friends?

Welcome to LB hope to see you tomorrow.

Safe riding.


Welcome to LB

welcome to LB - good choice of bike there

welcome to LB bro


hey hope to see ya tommorrow!

hello m8 welcome to lb

hope to see you @ bm tomorrow

…donno who took this snap… i got it in mail yesterday… :stuck_out_tongue:

…thanks guys for ur greetings … its a pity i will not be able to join u guys at bm 2moro… dont have place to park my bike near my office during the day… still will love to join any saturday morning ride outs…r there any planned…??

welcome !!!