Everyone is saying I should introduce mayself…sorry very new to this site still trying to get my bearings. I was very interested in some of the debates that were going on in some of the forums, so decided to join in…lol

ne ways cee ya xxxxxxx

hi there and welcome to LB why not try and get yourself down to our weekly wednesday evening meet at the borough market

hope you enjoy the site


Welcome to LB, where you from and what do you ride?

Well hello you lovely looking young lady.

welcome to lb///

CHECK you dirty old men out!!! behave!

welcome to the site!

Hi Serina - welcome to LB

yea jp

Well I’m in love anyway

yay, another girlie on the site. Welcome! (we are slightly outnumbered by the dudes on here)

“Welcome to the jungle”

Welcome Serina … isn’t it amazing, as soon as a female joins LB … the pages rack up … 1, 2 3 … and so on with welcomes ! lol

Never happens when blokes join up !


It does when you see a bloke has joined

welcome to the site


Welcome to LB !