Hello , I have been on here for a couple of days but havent really intoduced myself.

My name is Ali , although i dont ride because im 15 i do go on the back of my dads bike ( zephyr Steve ) and i am into bikes

Some of you have met me because i go to meets … inc france … and go to ace.

Hope to see you all

Hi Ali - And welcome to LB, I haven’t met you yet but I’m sure I will soon.

Hope to see you too

You have probally met my dad ( Zephyr Steve )

Wont be long and you’ll be up front I’m sure

Well im 16 in november so i will be riding a scooter then and moving to a bigger bike when 17

I certainly have met your dad, in fact he bought the theory test book from me which I think was for you??? Have you done the test yet?

welcome to the site Ali

Hi and welcome aboard.

G’day Ali… Great to see ya on LB.

Alrite Ali, I think we’ve met, your the one that has 2 meals on the ace nite, (growing lad) Nice to see you on LB

welcome to lb.met you and your dad at frith st,

Did i ?

Ive got blonde hair

Yeah i did see ya Tug

I was on me work bike, got a wheelie bin on the back

The bike with the Red Pizza box look-a-like ?

The bike with the Red Pizza box look-a-like ?

Yep thats the one are you cussing my box

it needs cussing, lol


Does what you need to do i suppose