Mrs Egypt220 here, hi to all those who said that I should sign up & good evening to the rest of you all.

hello mrs egypt

well hello! Welcome to the site!

Hey Sam, welcome to LB! Another LB couple joins the ranks!

welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick!!



PS Now I can invite you on our next Ladies Night without going through your hubbie!!

Welcome to LB Mrs Egypt. Hope to meet you soon.

Welcome Sam!

Dang that AbbeyJ’s quick with the stick! Hope it didn’t hurt too much.

Hey Mrs egypt

Welcome to LB

on the left we have fine dining and furnishings and on the the right we have homeware and kitchen goods.

Should you need any assistance i’ll be in the far back of the store looking for a britta water filter i know we dont stock but it means i dont have to talk to the crazy lady in the pink sweater

Feel free to peruse and i would poke ya - but i have a sore finger

nurse the screens

Wilkommen bienvenue welcome



Hello Mrs “E”

Welcome aboard.

yay, another lady - we’ll be out numbering the blokes soon, lol

Hey Sam

Met ur other half over the weekend. Look forward to meeting you too

Hi Mrs E, welcome to the LBs, I’m only in Chingford so maybe see you and mr E at High Beech sometime


welcome from another sam

Welcome to LB

Poke, poke n SMACK with da newbie stick

Da Artist

Warm welcome Mrs E…

welcome newbee



hope you are ok and welcome to LB

Hello and welcome…

748sam… Aka, Mrs Egypt… Hello and welcome to LB…