Firstly…a confession

I don`t live in London …sorry

I come and visit often tho …I have some great friends who live there and I`m hoping to bring my bike up for a visit soon.

It looks a really great site so I hope you dont mind me sneaking in

Ur allowed!
Welcome to LB! Enjoy…

Mind the newbie stick Da Artist or AJ will be along shortly to introduce you to it…

Hey there, welcome to LB! It doesn’t matter where you live. Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum!

right…let me take command of the newbie stick and give you a pokie or two!!!

‘poke poke’

now you’ve gone threw the selection process…you can now put your virtual creditcard behind the bar and i’ll have a baileys!!!

welcome abord!!!


Good morning welcome to Londonbikers.com

poke, poke n SLAP with Da newbie stick

Da Artist


I havent felt this welcomed` for a long time.

Ive been slapped, poked and sent to the bar. Cant wait to have a night out with you all

Right…Baileys everyone? Or can I tempt you with a JD`s?? mmmmm

Hi goddess and welcome to the LBs, come and join us on Sunday for the Pet food run from High beech.


Hello Goddess

A big welcome from one newbie to another




Welcome to LB!

poke poke with the newbie stick



welcome Goddess, what do you ride?

Sorry, goddess, I was a bit slow with the P.A.N.T.S., have some arnica cream instead, for those bruises. Welcome, from one newbie to another.

Where “not in London” are you? that’s quite a big place. There are loads from round Harpenden (cheers from Karen etc) and at least one from Surrey, a whole bunch of 'em from East London so you may well find a few bods who ride round your way just for jollies.

hello godess dont worry niether do i im over in oxfordshire

welcome to LB


welcome to the site godess

Hello and welcome and i’ll take you up on the JB

Thanks everyone for the welcome…

I`m in…WALES!!!

ok ok…well someone got to live there

I ride a rather sexy little GSXR400…red and black.

Well she was sexy before I ran her dry of oil and wore the cams …so she now sounds like a pair of castanettes going down the road…you can hear me coming for miles lol.


Can`t we have a JD instead??

HAHA ok ok JD or a good rum & coke, not much coke!!!


can we have both???

yeh come on lets do it…it`s Friday…why not eh??

Lets get squiffy

Welcome Goddess… where in wales?