Hi the names Kat

I ride 2 supersports bikes ZX12R ZX9R .

Took my motorbike test on my gsx750f only passed my test ten months ago .I then got a gsxr750 i then part exchange it for my zx12r ninja i loved riding that until someone hit me with a car early friday morning guess what she said ? I DIDN`T SEE YOU

Hiya Kat,welcome to the site


welcome Kat,

sorry to hear that Kat, welcome to LB see ya soon mate

Hi Kat Welcome to the LBs, maybe see you at the Ace on the 2nd



Hey bornrider, welcome to LB! Sorry to hear about your prang! Hope all is well. Post up a picture of your rides and then hope to see you at Cubana!

hey kat a big newbie to newbie welcome, see you at the Ace on the 2nd?

Hi Kat,

Welcome to LB, sorry to hear about your off. Hope you and your ride are on the mend soon.

Maybe see you on a rideout sometime or at Cubana on Wednesdays or the Ace for the newbie meet on the 2nd.

Keep it rubber side down.

Welcome fellow Ninja rider…seems to be more of us each day.

Sorry about your off…hope all will be fixed soon.

Another newbie. Welcome to the site. Hope you and the bike are alright.

Welcome Kat, you lucky thing two bikes?

Hope you are OK, they never see us, sigh!

Welcome to LB Kat

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Drinks are on you

Hiya KAT

Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Hope you’re ok though!



Its a great site,hope you enjoy it too.(im new aswell)

Ps are they green or are they the slow ones?

Hi and welcome to the site