hi everyone names paul i ride a 600 hornet,and would you belive it i was comming back from dartford doin about 110 when this magpie flew at me ,went into me backpack and nicked me wallet,needless to say i cant buy any drinks

ha ha, where have i heard that one before!!! hi and welcome to LB, see you at the cubana sometime!!

Welcome to LB mate

Its ok…you can run a tab…I,ll have a pint and welcome to LB…

Hey Paul, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum!

Hi Paul welcome to LB, now normally I would poke you with my newbie stick but AJ is lending it for a while so how about I just SmacK you with my crutches

Hello there, and welcome to LB.


HIya Paul,

Not only did I “borrow” DA’s Newbie stick I seemed to have borrowed your bike…

Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick…



Nice bike btw…


You wont believe this, was riding home last night when a magpie hit me and dropped your wallet in my lap. See you on Wed at Cubana and I will give it back. Mine is a pint.

welcome to the site

Welcome dude. where abouts in Dartford are you? I am in Stone.

sunny greenhithe , be nice to have a ride out sometime with a few bikes (as im new to this bikin lark) and a lead down to the cabana woulnt go a miss (ups! i ment cubana) must be all those barry manilow cd`s ive been listening to

Welcome Paul, enjoy the site and once you’ve organised a lead to Cubana, we’ll see you there mate.

I’ll lead you down to Cubana if you want mate, I can meet you somewhere in east london if you like.