:stuck_out_tongue: hello everybody…my name it’s sergio, i’m italian but work in london, i have a suzuki sv1000S…but for the moment it’s in italy and it’s out of use…cause both of us had a crash…I hope to back as soon it’s possible…for enjoy some day with all of you!!!..

GOOD BYE…!!!:cool:



Ouch that looks like it hurt, crazy italian drivers!!! hope you weren’t hurt too badly

Hi and welcome sergio. Hope you wasn’t to badly hurt there Mate.

so so…i had a scrotum’s emorragy…and a broked testicle!!!..that was very painful!!!..bealive me!!!..hope to back soon…couse i’m not yet back well

Hope you get well soonsergio. What you should do is say HI on the newbies forum, people might miss this post on bike talk Mate

Hi and welcome aboard. That`s bad news about your nuts mate.


Heal quickly dude!!

ciao bello! i’m miguel! give me a bell when you get the bike ready!

Hello Sergio and welcome to LB, hope the bike and yourself get better soon!

A broken testicle!!! :pinch: Hope it gets better soon! Bike aswell :smiley:

This made my eyes water!!:w00t:

Hello sergio, welcome to LB! My god, what a photo! I hope you were okay!

thank’s everybody!!!..it’s beautiful the biker’s solidariety!!!..I hope so to back as before!!!..thank’s with the heart!!!:wink:

Welcome! Hope you and the bike are OK soon.

Just a small tip, from looking at your photo: here in the UK we generally park the bike with the tyres at the bottom and the seat on the top. I’m not saying that your Italian way isn’t a lot more stylish, but don’t blame me if you get funny looks if you try the same thing over here :smiley:


Damn…Get well soon Sergio.

hey ya…

thast crazy! proper looped!:smiley:

EHEHEHE:D…you know…that’s the enjoy…to be particular!!!..:cool::hehe:

Hello and welcome to the forum from a fellow SV1000s rider.

Hope never to see mine like that though, or ever break a testicle… I love the literal english.

Hope you’re well mended now.

welcome Sergio!!