Just signed up, so thought it only polite to introduce myself.

Live in NW London, work over in Docklands and ride my '05 R6 every day to work.

Used to be a regular at the Ace, but two small children meant my visits aren’t anywhere near as frequent as they used to be… /

That’s it really…although I should just mention… COME ON YOU SPUUUUUUUUUURS!!

Hello Waxy … welcome!!

Get the beers in … mine’s a Guinness!

Are us Norf Londoners out-numbered by the Saaaarf London lot?

Hey, it ain’t so bad being a Spurs fan at the moment, we’re still playing pretty crap, but actually getting results…waaaaheeeey!!

Welcome to the site, best steer clear of mentions of football, some people don’t like the game.

Hello and welcome Mate. Mines a rum and coke please and i’m very north london here and 4th an’t bad and Arsenal in 6th HAHA

Hello waxy, welcome to LB

Hello Waxy…

Welcome to LB and where in North West London do you hail from ?

and I,ll have one of them “Cabana” Alcohol Free Cocktails On Wednesday…Cheers

(Londonbikers.com new meet is held every Wednesday 7.00pm onward at the Cabana Bar Waterloo.)

See Threads.

Hi ya Waxy, welcome to LB mate, mines a JD on the rocks please

As weaver said, do you have your name down for the LB St Georges Day Ride yet? if you want to come either post up in the thread (see link below) or give me a shout mate and i will put you on the list It’s going to be a great ride out, there are loads of us going

Here is the St Georges Day Ride link for you:

I live in the sunny suburbian hamlet known as Borehamwood.

You do know that there is only one true North London club though dontcha? That other lot are originally from Saaaaarf London.

Nope. Not got me name down for the ride-out.

I’ll check it out and see if I can get a pass-out…although they’re not so easy to come by since my second son was born…


Nearly 60 bikes on the rideout???

Bloody hell!!!

I tend to prefer my rideouts a bit smaller than that…

““Borehamwood”” and thats NorthWest London ??..Oh No…you aint a “Mockney” are ya ??..…To us real Londerrrrrnas…that was a holiday resort a million miles away Mukka !!!

Ok Ok…it might be Hertfordshire, but we’re still inside the M25…just.

Not sure about being a Mockney…I grew up in Edgware, not quite within the sound of the Bow Bells I know, but still North West London, me ol’ mucka…

Good enough Rodders…you know it makes sense.

See ya at the Waterloo Meet…great place to meet the troups !!!

Whereabouts are you then?

Waterloo meet? Is that a Friday night job?

Waterloo…is Wednesday at The Cabana Bar, First right after coming over Waterloo Bridge.

Welcome to lb waxy

Cheers…gizza-a-go on yer bike mister…

but we only just met…

Welcome to LB! Waxy, ‘F’ needs at least a couple of dates b4 he lets you on his bike


im no harlet…