Hello everyone -

New to the site & just wanted to say hi…

just started riding and never thought i would fall in love with it so much… its becoming an addiction…



I’ll have a tea please!

not a prob - its around the corner down the stairs - two blocks down… and through the door with the little guy on the front…

Hello and welcome to the Londonbikers forum. Glad you are enjoying your experience of 2 wheels, hope you enjoy the forum as much.

Welcome to LB mine is a JD and coke!

Greetings, give in to that addiction!

know what you mean! have fun here too!

and mine’s a hot chocolate please!

Hiya matey.

Mines a pint of methanol.

Welcome to the madhouse, pull up a chair n make yourself comfy.

Hello and welcome to LB. I’ll have a hot choc, thanks. Nothing alcoholic, as I’m about to take the Benly (or whatever the little thing is called) out for a spin. Where are the breaks again?

Hello Abby, welcome to LB, and the world of two wheels. The addiction just gets better, don’t worry, especially now the weather will start to get better. The guys and girls here will prove very helpful… What bike are you riding, or want to ride?

My little baby is a CBR125R… I must confess that I do not know that much about bikes, but want to learn and am hoping to upgrade to the 600f in the next two months…

Hello Im new here to. Dont worry about being on a 125, everyone has to go through that at some point!

Hi Abbey, welcome good to see more girls on bikes

welcome to LB put a pic of ur bike up and get ya name doown for the saint geoges day ride


Hey there AbbeyJ… Hello and Welcome to LB, Passing my bike test is the best thing I ever did!!! I’ll have a Latte please…


I had a look at it but if you;re on the M then no can do… still on a learners for now

Abbey, I’m only on a scoot so I’ll be going at a leisurely space. My windscreen (which I’d be stupid to shed in this rainsoaked island) limits me to 50mph or it snaps in half. I don’t think we’ll be going on a motorway, just A-roads (with a couple of Bs thrown in?). If we will (to get there), I’ll have to make alternative arrangements.

Guys, anybody? From the Ace to the Diner, are we taking a motorway? If yes, could somebody please sort an alternative route for us non-motorway riders? Muchos tanks.

Welcome !

Duh - man have i just shown how blonde i can be - the St george day is on the 23/4 - i am doing training for my licence - test is on the 24th…