Heard people talk about London Bikers for some time now, thought I would join and say hello. I ride a Red TL1000S, some of you know me from ACE, Bar Italia etc!

Been out on the bike briefly today, and had me some fun spinning up my Bald M1 sportec in the wet.


Anyone got a spare rear tyre - not fussed - (180, 190 size) going cheap. It has to be in better condition then my rear!!



good morning ryan, welcome to LB.

enjoy your stay.

Welcome to LB.

Put some glue on your rear tyre and roll it around the ace to pick up the bits of tyre the awol guys have left behind…


Morning and welcome to the forum. My tyres a shot as well, seriously smoked so they wont be any good to you I am afraid.

Hey, welcome to LB mate!

Hi Ryan, welcome.

You don’t know me.

But that’s ok, I don’t know you either.

I ramble a lot.

Welcomev Ryan

My rear tyre is about as Bald as Jean Luc Picard and my bike has been pushed as hard as The Enterprise no wonder my tyre has been left with Gossamer grip. New one soon as MOT due, may have to have one final burn out before hand though.

Welcome to the LB world, mines a JD on the rocks please

Hi Tony how you? I heard you have ya ZRX back now

Yeah I am on here now but already a member of a dedicated TL1000S Site (4000 posts) so my internet time will have to be split now!

As for tyres, I am not working, so need something really cheap - what sort of money we talking about with the AOL guys?


probably see you friday bar italia.

Welcome aboard

Hello & welcome to LB & happy new year to you!

Pappa, I have a pair of Bridgestone BT014’s in size 190 rear, 120 front (I forget the profile, can check if you need) sitting in my shed. They’ve had light use, as they were original fitment for my gixxer but got swapped for more track biased rubber at the first opportunity. They’re yours if you collect them from West London, gratis.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Jay, you’re the man!!! Seriously, that’s what I love LB for!

got a 190 dunlop 208 with reasonable tread sitting in the garage, probably grips less than the bald one you’ve got on now tho, likewise was on bike but couldnt get on with it…

Hello and welcome to LB

What a welcome I have had

Cheers, guys I really appreciate it.

Jay, you have a PM.

Thank- you!

Hiya mate, welcome to the show.

So, ya got a Suzuki eh? Good choice my man.

c ya up Frith when da weather gets better.