Hello... what a lovely ride to work this morning!

Hi everyone and what a great site.

Wasn’t this morning errr, crisp? I left home at 5am with black ice everywhere. I had to travel 20 miles instead of the usual ten to avoid the minor country roads which were like ice rinks. I had ice on my visor (inside and out) so had to ride with it up… which was nice.

I have to admit though to being a big girls blouse - I recently bought a Gerbing heated jacket liner and gloves which are the dogs nutz. I have been frozen one too many times. Still, now I need to source a heated balaclava cos my face was flipping freezin!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow morning brings!



Welcome Phil! … my name is actually Phil as well … cool name! … yep, a bit cold today.

Its not pleasent but ride home much better and I am out and about tonight on my bike.

What wimps you guys are… It was just a tiny bit nippy this morning!

lol I have no chiose really, but all the roads on the way to work are gritted and traffic has been sitting on it for a good 3 hours by the time I leave in the morning. So there is less risk of ice for me still bloody cold though

O well beats getting the bus

Hey Phill. Yes, it was bloody cold, I threw on all my gear just to keep me warm for my two mile ride to work. Also, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the heated gear! Sounds like being properly prepared to me! There’s nothing worse than being caught out on a long ride with a piece of cold air cutting into you somewhere!

I’ve nearly cried whilst riding with inadequate gloves before out in the stix last year. God knows how I kept on going, thought I was doing my fingers damage…

Ooo I saw the frosts and thanked my lucky (if unpaid) stars that I’m not working today.

Gotta summon up the courage and spare layers for the blast out on Friday to the Ace.

Must eat more chocolate. For energy/heating reasons you understand

FatPhil - how do yo keep that ZZR looking sooo shiny and minty if you’re draggin it thru the salt etc?

Don’t tell me you wash it every night? Esp with heated gloves still on

Mate keep the ped in your garage Friday. Shed loads of salt everywhere will not do any good for your shiny bits!

yep…i too was out at 5am on the m25 from catford to heathrow…why the m25 route i hear you say?..

well its becouse i still dont know my way around london(being from plymouth, and moved up about 2 yrs ago)…and its the only way i know…

It was so so cold,that when i got to work,i had that stingy feeling when you used to play in the snow to long as a kid on my fingers and my toes…

1)stinggy fingers and toes

2)really wet upper lip

3)wind chapped face from needing the visor open

4)patetic lorry drivers in the third lane with no fog lights on

was not a happy bunny….

Andrew, much to my wife’s disgust the ZZR gets cleaned (and I mean brought back to as near showroom condition as possible) about three times a week in this weather. Even I think it is a bit odd to do this knowing its gonna get covered in salt again the next morning but I just can’t bear to close the garage door on a salt encrusted bike. How sad!

Right on, I used to do the same.

thank god I don’t have to anymore.