Hello u lot :)

Hello Im david (shabba) . i met a load of u tonight at the bike meet, at the great location ,(very atmospheric) Borough Market.
Im the south London Bloke , who is from here but lives in Brisbane. Thanks so much really enjoyed chatting to a lot of ya, and thank you for being so welcoming. As i said i have a GS suzuki 500, which is at home in brizzy and i cant wait to get back on it on sunday. It would be great to keep in touch with a lot of ya, and see you soon. I will be probably quite soon as my dad is terminally ill, so i will have to drop everything and rush back here soon.
I am on a forum in brisbane called brisbaneriders.org

I will be good for me to be on this forum as im coming back to live in Uk in a couple of years .
Great to talk to some of u , had a great chat with matt.

wanted to hire a bike here but not possible :frowning: and a friend was gonna lend one to me , but insurance didnt happen, been here for a month this time, and wanted to go to ace , but bugger getting there by LT :frowning: and im back to oz on friday :frowning:


Sorry I missed you there, but glad you had a good time. Welcome to LB, and BM :slight_smile:

hello dude. was a quiet one tonight

What bike did u have , did I speak to ya ?

GSR600 and white helmet. I came there at 7 or 8pm for an hour :slight_smile:

if youre still after bike hire, try Geomoto

Ah yes James good chatting to ya ! Thanks virus I’m off back to Brisbane tomorrow :frowning: damm!

i was thinking for when you get back :stuck_out_tongue:
(though you did say you where staying then, so i presume buying a bike)

and im not a virus :crazy:, just looked into bike rental for a friend a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome dude

welcome :smiley:

Sorry virus I mean boris bloody I phone predictive text comes up with that :wink: hehe thanks for the tip with the rental , I will probably come back end of next year but will be back for visit before then as my dad is terminally ill ;( hi other who have said hello, u all a friendly lot . I’ll post up some of my videos I’ve taken in Brisbane !

hehe, i assumed you thought i was a bot (sent here from gemoto to post up sales things).
ive mistaken people for this in the past :blush: