Hello to you all

Hello to you all, great site and forum.

I only past my test at the end of Oct 2009, after thinking about it for years, and you can now hear me saying why did it take me so long :w00t:

I got my Kawasaki Z750 soon after and been out and about as much as possible since. I know I’ve met some of you on the The Great South East Santa ride on 6th Dec, with my bro in law Bman :wink: , was a great day and ride, even with the weather. I’m sure I will met up with more of you in this coming year.

Welcome to LB

Glad you could make it.

Now get Mike out a bit more will ya, he only comes out when its over 30 degrees:)

Welcome to LBs. :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Exactly what I was thought! :slight_smile:

Take care riding at the moment, but look forward to the summer and dry roads, warm weather and a twisty route to Brighton (or your fave seaside destination) for an ice cream by the beach! :smiley:

Welcome :smiley: love the name by the way, im 6ft 3 and you think i’d be more careful of low ceilings…

Thanks for your replys, and the bike is staying all tucked up at the mo, while the icy stuff is around. Keep looking up and hoping for warmer weather :hehe:

Not far behind you at 6ft 2in and I keep saying I must eventually knock some sense into my noggin :crazy:

hi and welcome to LB :smiley:

welcome to lb :slight_smile: