Hello to you all!

Morning all. New to this forum (although I heard about it years ago).

My name is Gavin and I am a bit bike mad. From track days (Nurburgring pic below), to off road (which I really suck at) to biking trips abroad… I enjoy it all!

Based just outside West London waves :wave:



Those look like an epic trip, where were they?

Val D’isere is the giant wooden bike. A trip to the south of France. Epic. I really do love the mountains.

Germany for the Nurburgring and the red rock Mars looking place is Morocco.

The roads in Morocco are unbelievably good (when built). Plus they have mountains galore, good food and friendly people. A definite must go if you haven’t been. There is a trustworthy French motorcyle rental place in Marrkech which I can highly recommend.


Welcome aboard @Gavin.WDS! You’ll fit right in here being bike mad :slight_smile:

Nice pics.Got any plans brewing for post-covid?

Welcome to the madhouse

welcome chap!

Gavin - Welcome dude!

@Aceman Martin! Nice to see you on here… we will have to catch up

Great name you’ve got there :+1:t2::grin:

Spelt backwards it is still cool :sunglasses: lol


Welcome to the chat. I wonder what happens when Gavin & nivaG meet? Is it like a matter/anti-matter encounter? :crazy_face: