Hello to the LBF

hi everyone,

just joined the forum, someone I met at the Ace recommended it.

Great site seems pretty lively, some excellent photos in the galleries too - great coverage of Gerry Tobin funeral run - what a day that was!

I live on the South Coast, and have been riding for 27 years approx and seem to have always spent a lot of time blasting about in London, used to be well into the Chelsea Bridge / Heston services nonsense back in the day.

Anyway, currently riding a 1996 Yamaha TRX850, had it for nearly 8 years and it is superb, have tried lots of more modern/faster/better handling bikes - but they all lack character - maybe I’m just getting old!

Be good to yourselves


hi and welcome aboard

hi and welcome

Hey, welcome to LB :slight_smile: Hope to see you on some rides!

welcome mate and bloody nice bike and merry christmas.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Chelsea to Heston? Them were the days :cool:

welcome bro,just a small hello from me,i think im the most junior rider in here,im 19 and always been in 125s.im not england,in my country we dont have bigger bokes:(

bid boi