Hello to everyone from Australia

Just wanted to say hello to you all… Thanks for allowing me to join!! Drinks on me… Barro… can you lend me 20 quid plz? lol… Dont appear to have any of the local currency on me right now. Cheers all

OMG !!!..“A real Doris”…Hi Kaz and welcome to londonbikers.com…Next time ya in the land of the “ulitmates” we will welcome ya proper…lol…have fun !!..x

Hi there dude, welcome to LB.

Hey Kaz1211, welcome to LB! Are you a full-time Oz resident, expat or visitor? Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures and Videos forum!

Hi there.

And welcome to LB…

Hello and welcome…

Hi there Kaz1211, welcome to our virtual home Mines a midi of JD please on the rocks… hehehehe

Welcome. But I am not going to talk to you cause I luv Aus and I am jealous as ****

Welcome and I bet it’s bloody sunny there right now!

welcome to LB


G’day kaz, welcome to LB

Thanks for taking the time to welcome me everyone. Much appreciated.

In answer to questions and statements…

Firstly Barro… im not a ‘Doris’. Im a Sparra… so dont give cheek or the parish will hear all about it…

Im a born and bred aussie that just came back from a lovely holiday in UK. Loved the place and hope to go back soon. Missed out on a plan trip to the Ace when i was there but you wont be so lucky next time! lol

Dont have a bike pic as yet. Waiting for Barro to fix my exhaust.

And you should be jealous of here. The weather is SUPERB at the moment.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

We’re jealous of nearly everywhere! It’s crap here at the mo!

Hello Kaz