Hello to all newbies

How are ya? You ok?

Just wanted to drop in a quick “Hi!!” to you all, as I haven’t been able to get onto the forum for a wee while cos I’ve just been so darn busy with work and life in general.

I hope to make more of an appearence now and then. Hope to see new faces and lovely old ones :wink: at the Wednesday meet.



yeah, that’d be nice…i should be there tomorrow…hope to meet as many as possible, i believe tomorrow’s going to be a little hectic with the hand over eve… :wink:


Hiya Lou, I know I’m not a newbie but it was good to see you back out again, hopefully I’ll get to see more of you and Ollie in future, and if you ever need a hand with getting the blade sorted, I’m talking about the bike hear not a razor for your legs, give me a shout, I make great tea! :wink: