Hello to All, Newbie in SE London

always checking out the bikes i see around… i wont be back on mine till june cos of baby on the way, so any bikes i see will be getting the sad face lol :smiley:

I won’t look out for you then, putting a downer on my mood!:stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :smiley: missing it so bad already… and i spend all day driving round the borough for work so see loads :w00t:

play “moto gp” on your playstation…get you right back in the game! :slight_smile:

Thats fairly close then you have probably both overtaken me then lol. I will keep my eyes peeled but usually in a car sadly :crying:


Quite likely i pass through bexley quite a bit!! Will keep an eye out.

and me, a black AA learner car, dont mess with it :D:D

Seriously stay well back. She’s mental. Massive huge uber lorrys and we do emergency stops or fight them into roundabouts. Im gettign quite good at it to :smiley:

Be good to see you both out soon. we take a bimble with Blade88 down to oakdene mosts weds in summer. Although Blade88 is very slow so we keep stopping for him :w00t:

I’m not sure whether i should pm him so he can see what you’ve written about him, it feckin hilarious though… (luv you really paul ) :w00t::w00t::w00t:

ha ha very good just not sure which one of you wrote it will just have to kick both your arses in the summer lol

It was Lewis then the cheeky bastid said i did it !!! :smiley:

Couple of pictures of my bike added here:



ooh nice, will keep eye out, i’m always driving in the area like i said :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB :cool:

Welcome aboard