Hello to All, Newbie in SE London

Hello to all. New rider in the south east of london here. :smiley:

Currently riding a 2002 Honda VFR-800 V4, and loving it. Will definatly be trying to get out to a few meets/ride outs if possible.


Hello and welcome to the mad house:crazy:

hi and welcome

ps we’re not all mad :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Post some pics up of your bike when you get a chance.

Hello from SE london too mate (Croydon)

Well hello from one SE Londoner to another :slight_smile:

Where are you based?

Hi welcome to LB:D

Welcome SE london too, but more NE Kent :smiley:

We do need pics though before your let in

Hi, welcome along

yeah welcome another se london here, se16.

welcome to LB from another SE biker :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello to all and thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Alot of you seem to be in the south east :cool:

I am near bexley…

I will post pics of the bike when i get a chance probably next weekend if the weathers decent.


Welcome To The Mad House From Another SE Londoner ! :cool:

welcome from the old kent road

welcome to LB :wink:

Hello chap,

I may have seen you around, Im bexleyheath myself!

Me and LewisR6 are in Bexley/Crayford border… will keep an eye out :smiley:

And you, what do you ride? will keep eye out, think i may have answered your newbie thread but cant be bothered to search :smiley: always nice to meet some proper local members :slight_smile:

a Spondon or lately an S1000