Hello people!!

Hi people!!

I dont live in london but had to join this forum. Been driving for 12 years. I have ridden bikes that are below 350cc (aka Enfield Bullet). I dont have a bike at the moment but I am planning to get one. Hope I’ll get to know some people here.


hi there!, good to meet you, welome to LB!

So where are you ?

Welcome aboard

I live in Ipswich. Moved here a few months ago so dont know of any biker hangouts here. Dying to get a second hand bike. Cant afford a new one

Hello and welcome tractor boy.


Hey there Hardtarget, welcome to LB! Best of luck getting a bike. Do you have a particular one in mind?

Hi Jay!! I was looking at a second hand Aprilia RSV. I heard you can get a good deal on them. To be honest I dont have any experience on a superbike but I am dying to own one. My budget is around £3000. Dont know if you guys can suggest something for me. I also heard that you have maintanance issues with Aprilia’s. Is it true?

hiya n welcome

Hi and welcome

welcome to the site


Hello to you!

Thanks for the warm welcome people!!!