Hello peeps

Just thought I’d say ello to u all all. I’m a newbie, was gonna load a photo etc 1st, but given up, using an iPad , can’t even load a profile pic!

Prob just user error, met up with Rosso, Art and Ajoey90 few weeks back for a ride out! Top day, top blokes.

Don’t live far from the ace, in w3.

Up for a ride out most weekends.

Welcome to LB!

Welcome to LB.

Let me guess what you ride… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi & welcome to LB:)

Cheers Hels, I think I saw u arrive at the ace on triumph day.

Daniel GT - Yeah, sad, best I could come up with :wink:

Cheers Rob, your alps trip route looks the nuts!

Hi Franc & welcome :slight_smile:

Cheers Kishan and hello

Hi Martin, thats a beast you got there, must sound niccccccccce :smiley: