Hello peeps

I was down at the southend run today and it was nice to finally meet some of you,altho i probably met more people than i will remember. Hope you all got/get home safely and look forward to meeting you again soon…


hey Ade, good of you to come, i dont think we met today, i was on the fazer in black. it was a great day, i think Ali would have been pleased, im sure he sorted the weather for us, cheers mate!

that was a good day today and so many people that came

well done to all that came today…

great run

well organised and loadsa fun…

Mr Roundabout!!! you know who you are… you one funny dude!!

Karen you gotta love the riding position dont ya???

and Andrea… you did not get lost

we had a great ride! thanks to Keti and digi ghost, and matt, mickey whizz and macp, had a good ride there!!