Hello, Numpty reporting in.

Hello All,

Passed my test May this year but only got my bike (Suzuki Bandit) August.

Looking to get out a bit more on it. Anyone doing any ride outs etc from central london or especially south east london?

Tally Ho:)

hi & welcome. Am a newbie biker myself since March.

lol hi numpty :wink: im north im afraid, but i know there is a strong southern contingent who, no doubt, will be along to introduce themselves, shortly :wink:

one lump or two? :hehe:

I’m part of that south-east london contingent. So hello.

Alreet numpty :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi pal,

I’m near Orpington so see you about sometime

with a name like numpty ya bound to fit in :smiley:


I’m in Greenwich - passed my test in late July, so I’m a newbie too.

See you out there… :slight_smile:


Mate, lovin the avatar. I think I may now have an LB record for staring at one… :w00t:

Oh, Hi and welcome :smiley:

welcome to lb

Hi numpty :smiley:

Alreet Ricky, I’m feeling a bit light-headed after watching your avatar for the last half hour!

Cheers, Numpty

Hi mate

I’m a fellow newbie too. Been riding for 8 years strictly commuting but now with my new bike have decided to start enjoying it more. I’m only down the road from you in Swanley See ya around maybe.

hallo there and welcome to this world!:w00t:

Hi and welcome :smiley:


Helloo numpty

Hi And welcome to lb

just a few miles from me im behind brands hatch:)