Hello - new Vespa LX 125 owner

Hi everyone.

After a year of thinking about it, I ordered a Vespa LX 125 this afternoon and hoping to take delivery of it in a couple of weeks. It’s my first two-wheeler (excluding pushbike, of course!) and I’m pretty excited at the prospect of not having to stress as much about traffic jams during my daily commute.

Not sure if I count as a proper biker but thought I’d register and say hello anyway!


Hi and welcome aboard

Good to see another scooter rider on here.

Hey and welcome, where did you get ya Vespa from?

Hello johnp and Oggplonk.

Oggyplonk, I got my Vespa from Ewell Scooter Centre.

Hi tigerminxy Where abouts are you commuting to and from?

You might fancy coming along on the Learner Leagal Rideout -


I assume you’ve already done your CBT?

booo you should of come to scooter world, need anything let me know

Hi AndyCr15 - My commute is between Epsom and Richmond, but I’m moving to Redhill soon so the journey will be a few miles longer when that happens.

That Learner Legal Rideout looks interesting, especially as Boxhill isn’t too far from me. I’ll have a proper look later. I’m doing my CBT in a couple of weeks.

Sorry! Ewell Scooter Centre just happens to be my local Vespa dealer.

Actually, there’s a question that hopefully you or someone else can answer for me. I’m currently sorting out the insurance for my LX 125 and I’m wondering how I should answer the question about whether or not there’s an immobiliser fitted. As far as I understand, the bike will come with an immobiliser so 1. do I answer ‘yes’ to the question and 2. how should I answer the question about which immobiliser it is?

Bennetts is coming out by far the best price for insurance at the moment (at least £75 cheaper than everyone else). Is that the case for most people?

I would ring and ask for the exact details from the seller. That’s what I did. You don’t want to give information that might not be right, they’ll look for any reason not to pay out…

Welcome to LB

Hey tigerminxy, welcome to the world of two wheels and LB! You’ve made the right move, it’s SO much less stressful and more fun than on public transport or in a car! I simply don’t understand why more people don’t get a bike/scooter for getting around town!

Ask all the silly questions you may have, don’t be self consious, we’ve all been there and LB is a very helpful community. It pays to ask about something in advance, than to learn the hard way.


Always be up front with your insurance company - especially on the secuirty! As has been said ask the dealer about make and model of the imobilser used.

Ewell Scooter centre is just down the road from me!


welcome to the site

hiya n weclcome

sj x

Hi BC2

Wow, such a nice welcome from so many people!

I’m probably going to lurk for a while to get used to the forum but I hope I’ll be able to take part in discussions soon.

The learner legal rideout definitely looks like a good way to get to know people and to help get the benefit of others’ experience so I’ll probably make it. I’ll see how I go on my first couple of weeks with my scooter first, though.

And welcome from me too! You’ll be very welcome on the Learner Legal rideout if you’re free at that time. Just drop a note on the thread and it’ll be sorted.

welcome newbie! hope to see you out and about soon!

Hello & welcome