Hello, New member with ER6

Hello, I’m a regular commuter rider with a year old ER-6F. I’ve been riding around London on various bikes/scooters for the last 5 years and finally logged onto here. I’m an A40 run rider.

Here she is:

I go for the odd country lane spin if I have time, I’m usually doing this kinda stuff for fun…

No risk of cars running me over on push bikes :w00t:

Welcome fellow ER6er…

Hey, welcome to LB! Nice bike jump picture :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.



Hello and welcome to LB:D


Thanks all :slight_smile:

welcome to LB



Nice pic. Can’t see the engine in the second one though? :wink:

Welcome to LB. :slight_smile:

Welcome and hello, used to compete in downhill myself. Used to ride a Rotwild DHO for a team called ‘Rock n Road’, untill i broke my neck (c5, c6 and 7) in 1996 hitting a tree stump and nutting its upright partner. I was lucky to walk again, took some time.

Welcome, nice pic :cool:

Used to do Cyclocross many moons ago :wink:

Rotwild have started back up in the last couple years. Sounds like a painful crash, a friend broke his back a few years ago too, turned out well in the end.

Generally I find you can bail at ludicrous speeds on a MTB and walk away. That said, I’ve slipped two discs in my back :pinch:

Welcome, x