Hello new friends!

Hi All,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I have just passed my Bike Test and am over the moon! I have been commuting on a Honda CBR125R for the last 10 months and will be taking collection of my '96 ZX6R at the weekend!

I hope to come out to some of the Cubana meets if I can get away from my Wednesday night Frisbee team!!

I look forward to many a discussion on LB.

Thanks and see you soon.


welcome mate…come over to cubana anyway…its the londonbikers.com meet that gives you the chance to put faces to names and theres always a good bunch over there .

Welcome on board stokesy, you have to come and show us your new bike tonight at the cubana and bring youre frisbee along we can sure have a laugh playing it in the car park.

oh… did i mention its an order?

and that makes 4 cbr125s now… and congratulations on passing the test…

luvly bike aint it???

welcome to LB

enjoy it…


Hi and welcome to the forum Mark. Hopefully you will escape frisbee whatever that may be and come meet some of the forum members at the Cubana.

Hey Mark, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike so we can recognise you, and hope to see you at Cubana sometime soon!

Hello and welcome…

Weaver get that stick ready there is another one…

stokesy… Welcome to the site… Enjoy the ride…

Welcome mate congrats on passing your test, have fun

Hi Mark welcome to LB Mate