Hello my name is Ivan Pupkin!

Hi LondonBikers, call me leshkin

It’s great to be here - mochas and cappucinos are on me tonight!!!

Just out of interest are there any Eastern-europeans here?

Cheers Leshkin

Update: Me and my bike

Hello Leshkin! Welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the PIctures & Video forum so that we can all recognise you. Hope to see you at the Waterloo/Cubana meets on Wednesday nights!

Thanks Jay!

I will post one as soon as I clean it

I’m North Eastern European, does that count?

If you look anything like your avatar, I don’t think we need a picture of your bike to recognise you…

Welcome to LB!

Welcome leshkin, what do you ride?

My current bike is a super-fast-yellow Suzuki SVS 650 on an 02 plate. It’s my first big bike and we both have seen an adventurous 10,000 miles together, one accident when I knoked off a car driver… Oh!, wait, it was the other way round! Damn blind idiots…

Have fun with your baby, ride safe these damn car drivers are everywhere

Hello and welcome to the forum mate.

Hello and welcome to LB mate…


PS Da Artist, I am a car driver

Hey there Leshkin… Welcome to LB…

Where about’s are you from? I know a few Yugoslavians who meet up at Frith Street on a Friday night… I’d be more than happy to introduce you to them…

Hi Foxy,

I’m from the far away land of Ukraine, where biking is more dangerous than here in UK and local plod accept bribes like candy… No wonder my Ukrainian license has no points on it

Anyway, I hope to come down to Firth St some time in the near future… I went to the Bridge a week ago, but not knowing anyone made me feel a bit shy Nice rolling burnouts though.


Oh! and I might bring some of my monkey friends with me… Ukraine’s banana season is over now and if I manage to pull them away from my local Tescos fruit and veg dept.

I’m a car driver to but I don’t go around trying to run bikers off the road when im in the car.

DAMN car driver, not including the biker friendly ones, is that better