Hello Londonbikers, you lovely, lovely people you

Howdy do LBers.
I’m almost positive that I’ve done one of these before, but I’ve long forgotten that username, so here I am again.

One or two of you may know me as OB (onceuponatime OrangeBox) on visordown, so no introduction necessary to that lot (who can get their own virtual drinks ). But, for the rest of you, a brief intro:

I live in Kingston and currently ride a TDM900 which goes much quicker than I would ever have thought, since I was until last year a jaded sportsbike rider - until fate (in the shape of a u-turning Audi A4) intervened and left me with a left knee that doesn’t ‘do’ sportsbikes for the time being. Not bitter at all (a bike’s a bike’s a bike) I’ve come to love the big beast, and share my love with my much maligned Filthcycle (A CB500… or rather, most of one; she ain’t pretty).

Today’s a happy biking day - the first bike commute I’ve made in 12 months, and I’m over the moon to see that standards haven’t slipped and there are still plenty of dangerous loons on the roads.

I’m afraid that I’ve volunteered myself to break your Lustfish into VD on sunday, so I thought it was only polite to come over and re-register to show mutual thingummyige.

See you at Box - I’ll be the one with the, erm, Orange Box…

Pimms all round.

Hi OB, welcome to LB

Welcome! All Lusty does with me is try and get me to sell my Africa Twin - she just doesn’t get the fun of a big bike round town…and get a sports bike

See you at Box - I’ll be on the Blue AT!

P.S not far from you in KT4…

Hi and welcome aboard.

Heya, welcome to LB (possibly again?)! Post up some snaps of your ride in the pictures forum…

welcome to the site

Hello & Welcome

Hello Jay. (Amethi?)
Whatever became of your (IIRC) smash outside the Ritz?

Welcome aboard

Pics now up for all to poke at.

Thanks for the welcome y’all.


hello and welcome

Hi and welcome

Hello and welcome!

Merci Beaucoup.

So, here seems the most apt place to ask - what’s the story with all the different statuses/statii of users here
Awaiting approval
Forum member

6 blue squares
6 green squares
(this is a post count thing, yeah?)

Hosts - blue colour just like all the members - Hosts were voted on by the members and they represent them and work with the owners to improve the forum and stuff

Staff - Owners / Mods / Journo’s etc…don’t trust 'em…


Welcome orange box.

Did you paint yer lunchbox orange so the ladies could see what they were aiming for?

Embarassingly so, yes…
at least now they stand a chance of finding something to nibble on.

Hmmmmm, there you are. AND you’re ratting on me about going to Visor Down you cheeky bu**er! Sorry I didn’t make it in the end You lot scared me too much, I prefer my family here