Hello London Bikers

Not checked in for a few days as i have limit access to the net at the mo… translated- i cant be asked walking 20minutes from my room to the internet cafe in the snow every day.

It was -15 degrees this morning when i went into work. Its that cold even my nose hairs have been freezing up. Got my trousers wet cleaning kennels this morning then when i took a dog for a walk within the forst 2 minutes my trousers had frozen up solid :w00t::hehe:

Its only -11 at the mo though :hehe:

Hope your all having fun back there. I shall be back for the new year, well back in the UK anyway not London.

Have fun and stay safe

once your back let me know as need to get the moto gang back on the lanes:) been so busy weekends lately & not had a chance to ride me new bike:crazy:

You too!!

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Great you’ve checked in old chap!!

Pity you’ll miss the party and the boys in their frocks and me in my reindeer outfit. But sure we’ll send you the X rated DVD as a Christmas present :smiley:

Have a good day!!

lol, yeah please do Hels :w00t::hehe:

Id love to get down for the lanes MD but i dont think i will get chance this time round. Gona be taking the bike to bits and giving it some much over due TLC amongst other plans such as having a late xmas seeing as im gona be here working.

Got today of mind as i did 24hr duty yesterday. Got my first polo lesson today which should be fun. I can ride a horse, have rode since i was 4 but never done polo.

Looks like its gona be a white xmas for me, dont look like this snow is gona be goin anytime soon. The airports wana be sorted though for when the guys on leave come back and take over from us so i can go on leave.

Santa aint got my address here so i’ll have to hope he leaves me sumat good back home :smiley: