hello lb

hello all im a newby, girlfriend of wimbledaz. im the muppet who fell off me bike today on my cbt test. however i dusted myself off and tried and tried and tried again. i was doin that u turn if it killed me.

it paid off in the long run cos i passed woohoo.

just want to say hi cos i might see sum of you on ride outs now…

Hi and welcome aboard.


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hello and welcome, well done on passing your CBT even after your mishap, I dropped the bike on my DAS, wasn’t even doing anything as challenging as a u-turn, just pulling away after a break, luckily it wasn’t on my test :smiley:

Good for you getting dusted down lady!!

Welcome to Londonbikers

Hello kazz, welcome and well done, you rock getting back on and getting the job done that takes guts. No wonder wimbledaz is proud of you. You deserve all the congratulations you get. :slight_smile:

thanks hun was too nackered to be proud yesterday but on top off the world today thanx for the support.:wink:

welcome to lb

Hello! welcome to LB and well done :smiley:

Well done and welcome :wink:

Good stuff! :wink:

Welcome to LB and well done


I dropped my bike in a u-turn on my DAS a week ago… panicked and grabbed/stamped on everything! :smiley:

Well done on passing your CBT!

Hello :slight_smile: Good for you you sticking with it :cool:

Welcome! only new myself, Looked at your profile and see your in fine fettle for a mum of 4, well done on getting through your CBT.

Hi Kazz

Welcome to LB