Hello LB

Hi all.
Just moved here from New York City a few months back and have been looking for a forum like this ever since. Not sure how I missed it for so long. Gonna try and show up for the newbie night tomorrow but not sure I will be able to get away form work early enough. How late do they tend to last? Whether I make it or not it is a great thing you all to do for local bikers. Good stuff. Hope to see some of you there.


dont worry about that stuff just turn up and im sure ull have a good time

They’ll be people around until late I think! Look out for one of our hosts! If you miss the newbie meet we have a weekly meet on a wednesday too!

Hi and welcome to LB. I think there are normally people at the Ace until after 10pm. We’ll be at the bottom end, down by the stage.

Hey, welcome to LB, and London!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks for the replies folks. More I think about it the more convinced I am to steal out of work a bit early and meet some decent people for a change (that would be you all, bikers). Just in case any one is interested, here is a very poorly shot, and even more poorly edited slide show of my trip from Utah to NYC this past summer when I bought my most recent bike. The little darling that makes up my avatar. The slide show is not much to look at but hey, it has some gratuitous pics of bikes, and a couple of pics of friends and family which I thought may be nice in the way of introduction.

not for those that bore easily.

Some cool shots there fella. We have a ‘londonbikers.com’ group on Flikr, join up!

Welcome. Nice pics

welcome to lb

Nice to meet you at the newbie meet.


hi welcome nice pic’s wouldnt mind giving them roads a blast. meet you soon



Welcome aboard pal…

howdy newbie!!! (did u like my american thing) ur very welcome here!!