Hello - Joined with a sorry

Hi all,

am new here well ish lol

Anyway just wanted to say hello.

I also wanted to make a personal appology for upsetting a few members but one in particular and thats Jonny.

Sorry mate was just joshing with ya and I will not make any personal comments in the future.

May I also thank Afro for bringing things to my attention and for his PM.


Brian :cool:

Welcome to the site trouble :wink:

We are all a friendly and close knit bunch as you will see. Enjoy LB and the members you will meet on here.

Cheers mate :slight_smile:

welcome to the asylum mate :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to Londonbikers and if you are anymore trouble in the future we’ll send Ginger in to sort you out :P:w00t:

Hope to see you on rideouts and at our Wednesday Meet :slight_smile:



welcome to lb

hey dude welcome to LB:)

hi and welcome:D

Never a truer word said in jest eh?..lol