Hello im new

Hey every one im 17 from Basildon and iv been looking for a bike forum for ages looks like iv got lucky.

I drive a 210cc gilera runner VX and im part of a large group of learner legal bikes iv met through on my travels we normaly go between Basildon and Southend

so it would be nice to come to some L meets and meet some of you.

Hey there.

Welcome to LB!!!

Theres only 2 other 17 year olds on here, I think

And I’m one of them.

Maybe see you down the Ace or BMM

haha not bad hey!

yea i will be going to my first ace cafe meet soon hopefuly but some of my freinds have been there a few times one of them was the person who brought the JPS runner and did the spec and looks up now he has the fastest 172 runner in essex its just slightly slower then the italijet dragster 172 wich owns southend lol

but yes it is one of the up and comeing meets for us to go down there but its a bit hard to get all 45 of us to go when there all lazy

hiya, welcome to LB… Go one get yourself down to one of the meets and come and say hi…

i think im going to push the boat out and drag them down just been looking around the site looks realy fun although my runner dosent like long distances it tells me that all the time at the side of the road so i might be in an AA van but ill come

lol Better late and in a AA van, than never!

Hi and welcome to the forum

Thanks me n the other lads n girl have decided to come up to the next twist and go + Newbi night hope to see you all there ill be the one on the glow in the dark Gilera runner with alot of other scooters

if one of you give me a wave and ill pop over because iv never been there befor so i wont know whos who a simple bra on a long stick waveing in the air should get my attention pretty quick because im told it gets packed lol

We’ll get Ginger to stand up… cant miss him!!!

Hiya and welcome to LB. Hope to meet you at the Ace.


well thats hope it dosent happen to be national ginger day there i still prefer the bra on a stick idea tho because that will mean some one has to go command’o

You’ll have to find a woman to take her kit off with Ginger around, and that sure as hell aint likely to happen!!


Hi birdy… Read you PM.

Ouch! Thats a bit below the belt!


Some one tell him not to read this or hes going to hate me already lol so dose any one ever go to the dick turpin pub on two wheel tuesdays? i might no soem of you.

Welcome Birdy