Hello guys, I am new here.

Hi, guys, my name is Jun, been riding for 3 years, I am riding a R6 at the moment, don’t know any biker in London. looking forward to meet new people. Done a round uk trip in June. looking for more ride out. Lets hit the road

anybody near E14 fancy a pint sometimes? :smiley:

I am not a DIY person. got a undertray and tailtidy. can anyone recommend me a place to get it fitted please.

I will go to the newbies meet on 9th Dec if I got it right. :unsure: btw. when is the next meet?

Thank you

Next newbie night 7th Dec on my calendar!

I am about as far from E14 as possible…but welcome anyway!

Hi & welcome to LB:)

Welcome to LB

Enjoy your stay.

Welcome :smiley:

thank you guys, what a nice family here. haven’t felt like this for ages. anybody going to the next meet up?

welcome to Lb…keep an eye out in the rideout section, usually summat going on especially in the summer when all the fair weather pansies wake up :D:D:D

Welcome aboard!

A few of us are going to meet up in Greenwich on the evening of the 12th for a few beers if you fancy it? :slight_smile:


hello welcome aboard. If you ever want to venture north then let me know, im ot far from the ace cafe!:wink:

hi 5150, thanks, couldn’t make it:( I will catch up with you guys next time, my girlfriend booked a dinner for us on that day… shame, dont want to upset her AGAIN. lol. Its not far from me at all, I always go to a chinese restaurant just off cutty sark dlr.

Hi and thanks, rixxy. to be honest, I never been to Ace Cafe, even this is my 3rd year in London. I’d love to go there, what a legendary place. :cool:

thanks Alex, I think I saw your FB page at some point, I remember your name. i should change my line to ’ anybody fancy a pint’ pretty sure i’l get all positive reply. :smiley:

hey mate welcome to LB :smiley:
im in E6 give us a shout whenever dude!

wicked! man. will shout to you, hope you can hear me. :wink: