Hello girls and boys

I’m feeling sociable tonight and can’t go and talk to real people as I have a midget tucked up in bed, so thought I’d post this.:kiss:

I joined a little while ago to ‘investigate’ another forum member that I was buying a bike from, all checked out nicely and I bought it. Have since purchased another one from a forum member, a coincidence though as I found the bike on ebay.

Current fleet is a 950SM, an '02 Thundercat and a DT125R for grubby stuff. Also have a few cars but now I’ve discovered bikes properly I really can’t be arsed with them.

Thundercat will probably be sold next year and replaced with something like a carbed FZS1000 and a late ZX9R/early Blade or something.

I’m based just outside NW London but might well find myself working down in Greenwich soon, so might see some of you out and about.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome to the nut house :slight_smile:

We need pics of the midget tucked up in bed.:cool:

Thanks guys.

Midget’s now at school, but if I ever get around to sticking myself on one of the numerous ‘look at me, aren’t I handsome/awesome/interesting’ threads, I’ll be sure to stick one of her there in full MX gear.