Hello from yet another newbie

Hi, just wanted to say hello. Been riding and commuting to town for a few years, currently on a yellow gixxer 750 k4 lovingly repaired after I was forced to chuck it down the A13 on my way to work last year. So apologies if I held anyone up on Jul 25th 08 around Dagenham, it really wasn’t my fault!

Keep smiling, and don’t let the mopeds get you down :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing you at Borough Market or on a rideout soon.


Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to lb

aggghhh it was you :stuck_out_tongue: joke :smiley:

welcome to LB

Hi there and welcome…:smiley:

Hi there! :smiley:

Hiya & welcome to LB :DHehe… the mopeds are good peeps to follow through the traffic - they try harder :smiley:

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello :smiley:

Nice one ValerieR :smiley: Welcome to the nut house chap

Getting back to my small RTA last year I just realised (doh!) this is the perfect opportunity for me to thank all those bikers that stopped to help scoop me up or just asked after my wellbeing. THANK YOU!!! I was told there was one biker who checked I was okay, put me in the recovery position and rode off before the ambulance arrived. If you know who that was, please tell me as I’d like to buy him a drink!

Welcome to the site Rob. Glad you’re ok after you’re spill.